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By Samuel Solish, M.D.

Cataract Surgery Expectations & Recovery
Not only do we offer outstanding care, but we’re sensitive to your comfort and well-being. Knowing what to expect on the day of surgery as well as during your recovery can go a long way toward setting your mind at ease.

The more you know about Eyecare Medical Group, the more you can take comfort in our care. For instance, our Surgical Center is staffed by registered nurses with over 200 combined years of nursing experience. Of these, four are Certified Registered Nurses in Ophthalmology (CRNO).

The Day of Surgery
Eyecare Medical Group Surgery CenterLook for the Surgical Center entrance (drive around the building to the rear) and come inside to our waiting room. Once you’ve checked in with the receptionist, a registered nurse will accompany you to the pre-op area and prepare you for your surgery by reviewing your medical history, your medications, and checking your vital signs..
Your nurse will then administer your eye drops. Depending on your procedure, these eye drops could deliver anesthesia, antibiotics or promote dilation of the pupil.

Now you’ll meet our anesthesia team, Dr. Villi Enders and Stefanie Bailey, CRNA (Certified Registered Nurse Anesthetist). They will interview you and explain their role in your procedure. An IV will be started to administer sedatives or other medications as required during surgery. You’ll receive a gown to put on over your clothes and a paper hat and booties. A nurse will walk you into the OR which has been set up for your procedure. Your nurse will position you comfortably on a bed and cover you with a warm blanket.

Eye doctors working

Your caregivers will monitor your vital signs throughout the procedure. You’ll wear an automatic blood pressure cuff on your arm, be connected to a heart monitor and have a clip on your finger that checks oxygen levels. Your physician will have predetermined what type of anesthesia is best for you and our anesthesia provider will administer one of two types of anesthesia: topical or eye block.

Topical: You’ll receive a sedative through an IV and your nurse will administer topical anesthetic eye drops.

Eye Block: The patient receives a sedative through an IV and a local anesthetic is injected in two places near the eye.

A nurse will wash around your eye to prepare the area for surgery. Sterile drapes will be placed around the surgery area, and the room will be prepared with all that is needed to perform your surgery. Everything is now ready for your surgeon to proceed.

You’ll feel safe and cared for throughout the procedure. In fact, one of our caregivers will hold your hand during surgery. Your surgeon may speak to you from time to time, and your nurse will set your mind at ease if you hear something that concerns you.
After surgery, your bed will be raised so you’re in a seated position. When you’re ready, your nurse will take you back to the room where you received pre-op care. As your nurse continues to monitor your blood pressure and pulse, you can enjoy your choice of coffee, tea or juice and a snack.

Now you will receive your post-op instructions for the evening. You’ll learn what to expect from your vision, what complications to look for, what discomfort you might experience, what activities to avoid and what if any medications to take. You will also receive an emergency telephone number in case you need to reach a surgeon. Your nurse will remove the IV, and arrange for a staff member to walk you safely to your car. It is required that someone else drive you home following your surgery.

The Day after Surgery
The next day you’ll come to your doctor’s office for a post-op visit. It’s important that someone else drives you here and picks you up. After a thorough check-up, your doctor will offer more post-op instructions and give you medications if necessary.

You’re on your way to a full recovery! We’re happy to be part of that recovery and look forward to doing all we can to ensure your continued eye health.

If you, a family member or friend wish to learn more or schedule an eye exam for cataract surgery please call Eyecare Medical Group
at 207-828-2020.

Eyecare Medical Group is conveniently located for patients seeking cataract surgery and is conveniently located for Maine cataract patients from Auburn, Augusta, Bangor, Bath, Berwick, Biddeford, Bridgton, Brunswick, Cape Neddick, Casco Bay, Cumberland Center, Eliot, Freeport, Gardiner, Kennebunk, Kennebunkport, Kittery, Lewiston, Old Orchard Beach, Portland, Sanford, Scarborough, South Portland, Springvale, Topsham, Waterville, Westbrook, Winslow, Wiscasset, Yarmouth, Portland, Skowhegan and York Maine.

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