Retina Specialists & Vitreoretinal Surgeons and Doctors in Portland, Maine

When you visit the Maine Vitreoretinal Surgeons & Retina Specialists at Eyecare Medical Group in Portland you will be pleased to find a group of eye doctors who are experienced specialists in all types of retina diseases, conditions and problems including: retinal detachment, retinal tears, diabetic retinopathy, age related macular degeneration (AMD) and other types of macular disease such as macular hole, macular pucker or epi-retinal membranes as well as retinal vascular disease. They are dedicated to delivering friendly, compassionate but professional world class retinal treatment and surgery in Portland, Maine.


If you, a family member or friend, wish to learn more about diseases and surgery of the retina or would to schedule an eye exam with a Retina Specialist or Vitreoretinal Surgeon for any type of retina problem please call Eyecare Medical Group at 888-374-2020.
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