Eyecare Medical Group is an ophthalmological subspecialty surgical group. For over 3 decades we have worked to provide Maine and neighboring states the best possible vision care: great outcomes, easy access, and a friendly caring staff for a positive experience. Our ophthalmologists work very closely with optometrists throughout the state of Maine and beyond and together work to provide individuals with the right care at the right time.

Whether you should see an optometrist or an ophthalmologist depends on your specific needs. Optometrists act as your primary care provider for your vision and refer patients to ophthalmology for surgical and medical intervention as needed. Click Here to Learn More.

So that we may assist you with coordinating care for your vision or eye issue(s), please click the button below to answer a few questions.

DISCLAIMER: If you are experiencing a medical emergency, please call 911 immediately. This tool is in no way meant to replace the relationship you have with your healthcare provider. This online service is designed to assist in guiding you to the next best steps to address your vision concerns and is not intended to substitute professional health care.

If you are experiencing a sudden loss of vision or double vision and have other symptoms such as slurred speech, a droopy lid or mouth, or a new onset of a significant headache, please seek immediate medical care by calling your doctor or emergency medical services (911).

If you are experiencing any eye issues and have had recent eye surgery, please contact your surgeon directly.