Vision is a complex system that requires specific subspecialists working together to maintain healthy eyes and good vision for the patient. Optometry plays a key role in this. Think of the optometrist as your primary care provider of the eye world. Do you see an orthopedic surgeon for your annual physical exam or instead, do you see a Primary Care Physician (PCP)? Your optometrist is the PCP of your vision. They evaluate the health of the eye and visual system working with you to isolate any potential issues. When appropriate the optometrist will refer and co-manage with sub-specialty ophthalmologists.

EMG works with an amazing network of optometrists that provide excellent primary care for the eyes. We work closely with them to coordinate your care. This allows for the right care, at the right time, by the right expert. It is typically best to start with an optometrist to assess the underlying issue and to outline and coordinate the best possible course of action. While you may not be at 53 Sewall St. in Portland Maine, by working with an optometrist within our network you will always be an EMG patient. When the time comes your optometrist will coordinate with us to have your ophthalmological needs taken care of. Many eye conditions can be managed, and the vision of the patient maintained relatively well. This, however, is often dependent on early detection and intervention. A short appointment now can save your vision later.