family celebrating halloween

For many people, October, and even fall in general, means one thing: Halloween! Halloween pageantry is the event of the season, along with everything that comes with it, from costumes to candy.

It’s also a time when there’s an increased number of emergency room visits. Many of these are due to eye injuries.

The American Academy of Ophthalmology recognizes October as Halloween Safety Month. It’s important to keep yourself, your eyes, and your family’s eyes safe this spooky season.

Keep reading for 4 tips for safer eyes during Halloween Safety Month!

1. Don’t Block Your Vision

Halloween costumes often involve masks. Be very careful with any kind of mask you wear, as well as anything you wear over your head, like a hood or wig.

This is especially important for children, as it’s easy for them to bump into things if their vision is blocked. But if you’re an adult, you need to be careful as well.

If you’re going to be out and about on Halloween, you need to be able to see. Whether you’re partying or supervising your children trick-or-treating, seeing is necessary. Be smart about your costume choices!

2. Don’t Share Eye Makeup

Face makeup is a great alternative to wearing masks that can hinder your ability to see. But make sure you’re not sharing any makeup if you’re using makeup for your costume.

Don’t use makeup that’s especially old or that may have been used by someone else. Even when letting your children borrow your eye makeup, only let them use your unopened products. Your eyes are very sensitive to foreign bacteria, so sharing mascara or eyeliner is always a bad idea.

3. Skip the Costume Contacts

Colored contact lenses may sound like a good idea to get an easy, spooky look, but they can be quite dangerous. Most costume contacts you can buy aren’t approved by a medical professional.

Even if they aren’t prescription, contact lenses need to be fitted to your eye. Wearing the wrong size can irritate your eyes and leave them prone to infections.

If you want to wear colored contacts, check with your eye doctor as you may be able to buy them and have them fitted there. But whatever you do, don’t buy them online!

Even if the reviews make them sound safe, you still risk damaging your eyes. It’s not worth it for one night of spooky fun that could turn on you.

4. Don’t Be a Tripping Hazard

There are a lot of ways adults and children can injure themselves on Halloween. When walking around at night, it can be hard to avoid tripping over decorations and draping costumes.

To reduce these risks, be sure nothing is dragging on your costume. If you decorate for Halloween, make sure the driveway and walkway up to your house are clear of anything that someone could trip on. At night, also make sure that the area is well-lit.

If you have jack-o-lanterns you want to light up, use a fake candle rather than a real one. Even inside a pumpkin, loose costume pieces can get caught inside and catch fire.

Take every precaution you can to make sure your home is safe for passers-by and trick-or-treaters. You’re always better off safe than sorry!

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