The holidays are filled with cheerful decorations, gifts galore, rich foods, and quality family time. But amid all the seasonal joy, it’s still vital not to overlook important safety considerations – especially for sensitive young eyes! 

As you enter December’s Safe Toys and Celebrations Month, let’s discuss how to keep vision health a priority now and foster good eye care habits that will last all year round. Keep reading to learn how to keep your family’s eyes healthy and happy during Safe Toys and Celebrations Month!

What Dangers Can Toys Present to the Eyes?

Before your kids enthusiastically dive into all their new toys this season, inspect each item thoroughly with vision safety in mind. Pay attention to the following hazards that directly put your little ones’ eyes in danger. 

Then, ensure you take any steps needed to prevent toy-related eye trauma from ever dampening your child’s holiday fun.

Sharp Edges and Points on Toys

Toys that have sharp edges, points, or parts that shoot out can pose a risk for eye injuries. For example, some toy weapons or building sets may have ammunition or projecting pieces that could poke a child in the eye. 

Toys with rough edges that aren’t properly sanded down can also scratch the delicate eye tissue.   

Projectiles Launched From Toys  

Any toys that launch projectiles should be used cautiously under adult supervision. Nerf guns, missile launchers, slingshots, and even seemingly safe options like bubble guns can forcefully expel objects toward a child’s face and eyes. 

Ensure safety gear like safety glasses are used.

Toys with Chemicals and Coatings 

The paints, surface coatings, and other chemicals used on some toys may contain irritants that are hazardous if they make direct contact with eyes. Children may rub their eyes after touching a toy, allowing the chemicals to cause damage and inflammation. 

Seek toys made with non-toxic materials.  

Small Detachable Parts

Small removable pieces from toys can become lodged in the eyes or scratched across the surface of the eye. Regularly inspect playthings for any degraded, loose, or missing pieces that pose a danger. 

Make sure to discard any choking hazards. 

Age-Inappropriate Toys

Toys that are too complex or advanced for a child’s motor skills and development can increase their risk of accidental self-injury during play, including eye injuries. Ensure toys match the labeled age recommendations. 

It’s also important to supervise play with any new or more mature toys.

What Can I Do To Keep My Family Safe During Holiday Celebrations?

The festive holiday season brings joy along with increased potential hazards that could harm your family’s vision. Danger exists between elaborate Christmas lighting displays, toxic holiday plants, messy crafts, rich baking, and flying sparkler debris. 

Don’t allow eye accidents to dampen your holiday memories.

Check Lights and Decorations for Damage

Inspect all holiday lights, ornaments, and decor before displaying them in your home. Discard anything with cracked plastic, exposed wires, loose parts, rust, or sharp edges.

Replace old lights and electrical decorations so unsafe products don’t end up used and risk fire or injury.  

Take Breaks to Prevent Eye Strain From Screens

Limit screen time from video games kids get as gifts and take regular breaks during family movie marathons to give eyes a needed rest. Follow the 20-20-20 rule by looking away every 20 minutes at something 20 feet away for 20 seconds.  

Store Craft Supplies Properly After Using 

Always put art supplies, tools, pins, needles, scissors, and any small décor pieces away securely afterward to prevent poking injuries or chemical exposure if kids access them unsupervised later. Use protective cases.  

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