Young couple celebrating the holidays

December is Safe Toys and Celebration month as observed by the American Academy of Ophthalmology. The holiday season can be a hectic time of year. 

There’s a lot to think about before the holidays arrive. Make sure safety is always at the forefront of any holiday activities. 

This should be the case whether it comes to the toys you buy for your children or the decorations you put up. Here are a few safety tips when it comes to the health of your family!

Unsafe Toys

Be aware of what kinds of toys may be unsafe for certain age groups. Younger children often get eye injuries from toys with sharp edges or projectiles. 

This is most common with things like darts or pellet guns. Always observe age restrictions on toys with choking hazards. 

Also, when it comes to video games or other electronic gifts, limit your children’s screen time. It can be tempting to let children indulge during the holidays, but make sure they rest their eyes as well. 

Decoration Safety

Tree decorations and house decorations are what really make the holidays feel festive. But be careful when letting your little ones help out with the decorations. 

Make sure they’re always supervised. Hang the glass ornaments yourself and put them higher up on the tree out of reach. 

If you have a lot of lit candles in the house, be sure to keep them out of reach. Only put them out when people will be in the room and can keep an eye on them.

Safety Equipment

When you buy sports-related gifts, always include safety equipment. Don’t gift a bike without a helmet! 

There are also several gifts that may warrant safety goggles, be it for a sport or chemistry set. Always be sure to read safety warnings and provide all the equipment necessary. This will keep the recipient of your gift safe and happy! 

Safe Celebrations

When it comes to New Year’s traditions like popping champagne or setting off fireworks, safety is a must! Never let children near fireworks. 

Stay at least five hundred feet away and only have fireworks lit by a professional. Do not ignore safety concerns when it comes to fireworks!  

Fireworks can cause injuries including total blindness and in some cases, death. When it comes time to open up champagne on New Years, you should also be very careful to keep the bottle pointed away from your eyes or other people. 

Also, make sure the champagne is kept cold, at least as low as 45 degrees Fahrenheit. And finally, always be careful driving, especially at night. Never drive after drinking and never get in a car with a drunk driver. 

Safety may not be the first concern you have during the holiday season, but it should always be on your mind! Just be sure to be mindful and make sure your family knows how important it is to stay safe. 

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