“Several weeks ago I was essentially blind with severe cataracts. Today I have 20/20 vision in both eyes. From reception to post-op, the entire crew was absolutely wonderful. Dr. Cassidy is an exceptional surgeon and the entire team made sure I was informed, prepared and comfortable. My sincerest thanks to each and every one of the amazing people at EMG… you’ve given me back my sight!”

If you or some you know is experiencing cataract symptoms such as cloudy foggy vision, glare or difficult night driving and would like to learn more about cataract surgery & lens implants, please call your local optometrist to schedule an appointment. If specialty care, treatment or surgery is required, please ask to be referred to one of the physicians at Eyecare Medical Group, 53 Sewall Street, Portland, Maine 04102 at 888-374-2020,  or visit Eyecare Medical GroupGoogle+ or facebook.com/eyecaremedicalgroup.