Halloween is right around the corner, which means scary costumes, trick-or-treating, and haunted houses. While all the spooky festivities are fun, it’s important to keep eye safety in mind. 

October is Halloween Safety Month, making it the perfect time to learn how to protect your vision while having a ghoulishly good time. Keep reading to learn five tips to keep your eyes healthy and safe this Halloween season!

Avoid Contacts When Using Costume Makeup

Colorful, dramatic makeup adds so much to a Halloween costume, but cosmetic contacts and heavy makeup can be a bad combination. Some costume types of makeup contain chemicals and dyes that can irritate your eyes. 

By avoiding cosmetic contact lenses, you reduce the risk of infection or scratching your corneas. If you have to wear contact lenses to see, try using makeup sparingly around the eye area.

Use Proper Lighting When Applying Makeup

Good lighting is key for flawless costume makeup application. Avoid dim or harsh lighting when putting on your face paint, false lashes, and dramatic eye shadow. 

Bright overhead lights or sunlight is best so you can see small details clearly. Turn on all nearby lamps and work near a window if possible. 

Proper lighting helps prevent poking your eye with makeup brushes or accidentally scratching your eye with mascara wands.

Don’t Sleep in Colored Contact Lenses

It may be tempting to keep those creepy color contact lenses in overnight after a late-night Halloween party. However, sleeping in non-prescription costume contacts is never a good idea. 

It deprives your eyes of oxygen, increases the risk of infection, and can cause serious abrasions on the cornea. Always remove contact lenses before bed and give your eyes a break.

Use Caution with Decorations and Props

Halloween decorations like cobwebs, strings of lights, and fog machines help create a spooky ambience. But they can also pose threats to your eyes if used improperly. 

When decorating your home or outdoor area, look out for tripping hazards from low-hanging lights or props. Use adhesive hooks to keep dangling items secured, and place fog machines away from high-traffic areas.

Inspect any costumes or prop weapons to ensure no sharp edges exist near the eyes. Also, consider wearing protective goggles when using power tools to create props or sets for haunted houses. 

Be aware of your surroundings when walking through ornamented spaces and remove masks or other bulky costume pieces when navigating uneven terrain. 

Protecting your eyesight starts with proactively identifying risks with decorations, costumes, and props during Halloween.

Carry a Flashlight for Safety

Whether you’re escorting little ones door to door or navigating your own way through spooky decorations, a flashlight helps keep your eyes safe on Halloween night. Carry a small flashlight to clearly see stairs, curbs, and ground terrain in the dark. 

When venturing through wooded trails, corn mazes, or uneven ground, a reliable flashlight prevents falls or pokes from hidden branches. A handy flashlight also aids visibility if masks or bulky costume pieces limit peripheral vision at night. 

This Halloween, follow these simple tips to keep your vision healthy and safe. Following basic eye safety guidelines lets you celebrate Halloween to the fullest without worrying about injuries. 

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